AccuBow Training Bow


Accubow, a great warm up tool, for compound and recurve training, get your release going & your mind working, hit the range warmed up & ready for action, detect any bad habits

AccuBow Training Bow

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AccuBow Training Bow Description

Introducing the Accubow Training Bow or Archery Training Device. A shot trainer in the form of a bow that can be used indoors, doesn't require an arrow, has adjustable tension and aids in curing target panic.

Gone are the days of needing to use a piece of loop cord or stretching band to simulate a bow.

The Accubow can be used for both compound and recurve training with or without a release aid.

Many other simple shot trainers on the market are set for tension or in many cases have no tension at all.

The Accubow can be easily adjusted from 10 to 70 pounds in draw weight with a simple turn of the Accudial located at the bottom of the bow.

A great warm up tool when the practice range is full.

Simply pull out the Accubow to start the day by getting your release going and your mind working.

Hit the range warmed up and ready for action.

With its built-in laser, the Accubow is a great aid in practising, aiming and also getting through target panic.

Monitor your own float pattern or alternatively have your coach view your target, assessing for any bad habits such as gold shyness or a low hold.

Practice without the fear of missing your target.

Adding to the usefulness of the Accubow is their optional Augmented Reality App and Accumount phone mount, which is sold separately.

Simply download the free App, mount your phone to the rear of the riser and after a few easy steps, choose between hunting practice or target mode.

Not only can this be viewed on the phone, it can also be viewed on your smart TV through Wi Fi for you and your friends to view and compare each other's performances.

  • Improve full draw stability & stamina
  • No arrows required
  • Can be used for compound and recurve training with or without a release aid
  • Adjustable draw weight 10 to 70 pounds with a simple turn of the Accudial
  • Draw length range 21" to 34"
  • Get your release going & your mind working
  • Hit the range warmed up & ready for action
  • Great aid in practising, aiming & eliminating target panic
  • Rehabilitate upper body injuries
  • Detect any bad habits
  • Practice without the fear of missing your target
  • Safely dry fire archery device
  • D-Loop attachment for dry fire training with release
  • View on your phone or smart TV
  • View & compare you & your friends' performances
  • Accumount phone mount option is sold separately
  • Accubow, a great warm up tool
  • Ambidextrous for right and left hand archers
  • Manual & instructions included
  • Official archery training device for US Olympic Team
  • You can practice anywhere
  • A revolution in archery training
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