Beman SPE3D arrow dozen

Brand: Beman

With Beman SPE3D shafts, speed is not all you will gain as they quickly stabilise the arrow in flight, silencing the arrow & increasing down range accuracy. The lightweight multi-layer carbon construction helps your bow push out faster speeds & makes a stronger arrow

Beman SPE3D arrow dozen

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Beman SPE3D arrow dozen Description

Beman pioneered the use of advanced carbon composites that has changed the sport forever. Now a new shaft will slam its way into the 3D scoring ring. Introducing Beman Carbon SPE3D.

Introducing the world's flattest-shooting 3D Arrow, the Beman SPE3D.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Specially designed for field and outdoor tournaments.

Beman Speed 3D Arrows are the all-new, flat-shooting, range forgiving arrow for the 3D shooter that reduce vibration and add strength.

This standard diameter shaft offers archers the mid diameter line-cutting advantage.

Speed is the name of the game when building arrows for skidish game. Watch this video with Jestta James.

With the Beman ICS SPE3D Arrow, speed is not all you will gain.

The light weight multi layer carbon construction of these shafts helps your bow push out faster speeds and makes a stronger arrow.

SPE3D Arrows use precision S nocks and a variety of point weights for proper FOC and dynamic tuning.

Available in your choice of grain weights.

The ICS SPE3D Arrows reduces noise and increases accuracy as they stop vibration and quickly stabilise the arrow in flight.

Whether it's a 14, 12 or 10 ring you seek, Beman SPE3D delivers pinpoint accuracy with blazing speed, a killer combo for 3D success.


  • Lightweight multi layer carbon fibres
  • Black micro-smooth finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: +/- .003"
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 2 grains
  • Microlite direct-fit S nocks installed
  • CB inserts included
  • Accepts 9-32" RPS points
  • Available in 500, 400, 340, 300 shaft sizes. Please specify size required

Beman SPE3D

  • Carbon increases strength
  • Reduces vibration for accuracy
  • Small diameter minimises wind drift

If you want long range parallel all carbon performance, get Beman SPE3D Arrows - a more powerful carbon arrow for the world's best archers.

Please note that arrows usually take 2-3 days to fletch.

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