Abbey Goanna Recurve Bow Set 44in

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Abbey Goanna 44" 15 lbs Recurve Bow Set RH or LH

Abbey Goanna Recurve Bow Set 44in

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Abbey Goanna Recurve Bow Set 44in Description

Abbey Goanna Bow Set 44" 15 lbs Fibreglass Recurve Bow RH or LH.

The Goanna Bow Set is terrific fun for the young archer just starting out, who has been inspired by a character in a film or book or has read about Robin Hood or William Tell. Countless thousands of today's archers started out with a fibreglass recurve bow and have not looked back, some going on to become world champions, club members or just shooting arrows in the back paddock.

  • Draw Length 24"
  • Draw Weight 15 lbs
  • String Length 44"
  • Glassflex bow with recurve limbs and moulded poly handle
  • Integral grip
  • Colour Red
  • Lightweight for easy holding
  • Arrow shelf holds arrow while drawing

Goanna Bow Set includes

  • Bowstring
  • 2 wood target arrows
  • Armguard
  • Side quiver
  • Target face
  • For Right or Left Hand Shooters
  • Recommended for children 8 to 12 years old
  • Great Birthday or Christmas present for that special person.

Abbey Goanna Bow Set is great fun to shoot for people who just want to have a shot on the farm or for school camps. Perfect for the beginner recurve bow hunter and archer!

When the first settlers saw the Goanna, they thought they were a type of "Iguana" (which is the Guyana Indian name for Lizard) and over the years, this word transformed into the present word Goanna. Goannas are in reality "Monitor Lizards" of which Australia has 20 of the 30 species found around the world. One of the most common Goannas in Australia is the sand monitor and they grow to an overall length of 160 cm or 5.25 feet.

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Limbs: Solid
Axle to Axle: 44 inches

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