Easton CARBON ONE arrow dozen

Brand: Easton

For an UltraLite low profile, all carbon n-fused shaft for long range accuracy, field and outdoor performance, get the latest nano technology in an Easton CARBON ONE so your arrows fly true in the wind and group tighter down range

Easton CARBON ONE arrow dozen

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Easton CARBON ONE arrow dozen Description

Top-level competitors need precise, specialised arrows to win. Easton UltraLite N-FUSED CARBON ONE provides the high tech answer for outdoor performance and long range accuracy and we cut your arrow to length for free.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Innovative CARBON ONE is engineered with the latest nano technology for increased strength and reduced vibration and ultra-small diameter and stringent manufacturing means arrows fly true in the wind and group tighter down range.

Specially designed for field and outdoor tournaments. CARBON ONE offers a new level of strength, performance and accuracy in an all carbon shaft.

Score height and win today with N-FUSED CARBON ONE from Easton.

CARBON ONE Shooter Profile. Archers choose N-FUSED CARBON ONE for the next chapter in low profile, long range target shooting. Easton's innovative N-FUSED Carbon reduces vibration and adds strength.

CARBON ONE appeals to compound and recurve archers seeking the best all-carbon parallel arrow.


  • Multi-directional carbon layers provide durability and precise component fit
  • Small diameter, unidirectional carbon fibre core
  • High strength fibres for hoop strength
  • N-FUSED nanotube Hyptonite resin adds strength and reduces vibration
  • Hyptonite resin bonding utilises carbon nanotubes - the strongest material known
  • Hyptonite is a registered trademark of Amroy Europe OV
  • Bayer and design are registered trademarks of Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
  • Carbon nanotubes increase strength
  • Reduces vibration for accuracy
  • Small diameter minimises wind drift


  • High-strength nanotube-infused carbon fibres
  • Micro-smooth finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: +/- .003"
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 1 grain
  • Carbon One Stainless Steel Break-off Points & G Nocks included
  • Also uses A/C/E components
  • Available in 1150, 1000, 900, 810, 730, 660, 600, 550, 500, 450, 410 shaft sizes. Please specify size required
  • Arrows can be cut to your precise shaft length at no additional charge. Please specify the length of your arrow. If you leave this field blank, your arrows will be shipped uncut at full length. If you are unsure, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering and we will contact you to assist you in selecting the correct length required

If you want long range parallel all carbon performance, get Easton N-FUSED CARBON ONE - a more powerful carbon arrow for the world's best archers.

This is what people have said about Easton CARBON ONE.

"I've always been a little afraid of all carbon arrows for target shooting. But now I'm impressed with the performance of the Carbon One. I would tell a friend to go ahead and buy them because they work. The small diameter and the tolerances are great for tighter groups. Even in the wind." From David L Clark

"Wanted to try an affordable skinnier shaft with decent specs for long distance dots (i.e. 60 to 80 yards). The Carbon One has acceptable tolerances at .003 straightness and +/- 1 gr. Easton's ACC's started out at .003, so this arrow will suit 90+% of the target archers out there. Was pleasantly surprised with the weight variance, which was better than advertised. The Carbon One grouped well at short and long distance. They grouped so well that I decided to use these for 3D too. Keep in mind they will penetrate compared to the fat shafts a lot of 3D shooters are using. So far they have been very durable and would recommend them highly. For those not wanting to spend the money on pin nock adapters, the G nock will work. The negative aspect about these shafts is that you'll sink another $30 per dozen in pin nock adapters and points. Depending on the shaft size, ACE components will work, but there is a specific Carbon One point." From ultratec00

Please note that arrows usually take 2-3 days to fletch.

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